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Kenyan Pregnant Woman - pregnancy advice for single mums

Kenyan Pregnant Woman - pregnancy advice for single mums

Congratulations on being expectant, in this article, we will be looking at pregnancy advice for single mums.  These tips will comprise of dos every pregnant woman should follow to have a wonderful time during the pregnancy period.

For most women, being pregnant is a great accomplishment. It is n amazing superb period in their life.

During this pregnancy period, a woman’s world changes around her. During this time, there are habits she will have to alter and adopt new ones.

A pregnant new mum  has to change her lifestyle to make room for  the  requirements and demands  that are as a result of being pregnant.  The pregnant woman changes not only physically but also emotionally.

It is vital at this time for  an expectant woman to take care of herself and her  developing baby. Here are some tips on  pregnancy guidelines to help you have a safe pregnancy.

Pregnancy Advice: Dos  during pregnancy

If there a time in new mum’s life that she is showered with advice is while pregnant. Suddenly every woman knows more than  the expecting mum. Some of this advice is relevant while some of it is neither here nor there. Before you implement any of the advice talk to your health care provider.

Here are tips on pregnancy dos

Prepare a pregnancy diet taking into account all the nutrients your body and the developing baby will require

  • Attend your prenatal clinics often
  • Should the doctor prescribe you medication take them regularly
  • Avoid stressful circumstances at home and at work
  • Drink water regularly to keep your body from dehydration during pregnancy
  • Relax frequently
  • Your food should be high in irons, calcium and folic acid. These will help the development of your baby and are also good for  your changing body
  • Foods such as fresh fruits, green vegetables and whole grain meals are high in fiber and will promote digestion, thus reducing constipation.
  • Have an exercise routine. Before you start on this routine, consult with your doctor on safe pregnancy exercises.
  • Keep clean, maintain high standards of hygiene, to keep infections at bay
  • Always dress warmly, do not expose your body to extreme temperatures, high temperatures can cause heat stroke
  • Dress in loose, comfortable clothing and shoes
  • Choose natural beauty products to use during pregnancy, some beauty products have chemicals which can be absorbed by the body and can cause harm to the growing fetus
  • Sleep well every night

I hope  this advice will go a long way in assisting you have blissful time during your pregnancy. Enjoy this journey to motherhood as you look forward to delivering a healthy and beautiful baby.

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Babies are a blessing and every time a friend calls me to share the great news of her pregnancy it is always a call for celebration.

Then the journey starts, the baby starts to develop and by the time its full term, the new mother has had to go through emotional, physical and psychological evolution.

The pages in this blog will be a new parents’ best friend, you will learn all about babies from conception to toddler hood.

I invite you to take the journey with me to the wonderful world of babies.

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